Why I choose the bag for my own Career?

Why i chose the bag for my own career ?

One day like every normal day, i went to the bag factory to check quality. That was 15years ago or longer, i saw ten thousands of designs in the show room, before i never paid attention as we had done the caps, jersey kit, socks, underwear, there were abundance enough for me to know. 

But that moment while the boss opened the show room door, i was shocked, there were many countries and regions graphic logo imprint design bag handed on and against the wall. Canvas totes, crossbody hobo bag,traveler passport organizer, teenager boys girls backpack, waist bag, novelty pencil cases, purse wallets, man’s messenger bag, vintage print retro shoulder bag etc.. it opened a window. And i was in the center of the world...America, Europe, Asia, Middle east, Africa, Australia..the bag designed by the global designers, especially for travel souvenir bags, i counted the flag print on the bag to recognize which country.  You know it was my dream to travel around the world. And the bag did. 

Miss Weng, the boss of factory is very nice and the one who I am so respect. She had a famous car in that time, what i envied. I thought if we work hard to do the bag I could buy it and travel all over. We become  good teams and partners in the flowing years.

What i know that the bag is litte even few profit if client no have good quantities. Because we aims the people has our bags in every corner of the world. Now more and more clients they choose MOQ mini order quantity) to close the order. And the price is very competitive after they compare with other factories. I have one year very lost until Miss Weng told me they are establish new object for service “physically challenged people “ from government support, and i feel that is worthy for me to work hard, in order bring more jobs for those people who could live with dignity.  Now we have more clients in the world, we help them for designs and develop in their local market with years' business, and they bring more opportunities to us. but the past one year were very difficulty.

Life is life. Many people die from Covid, and many people cannot go out for travel. 

But we still have that dream to travel around the world. 

It is worthy for us to do the bag, it likes sun-flowers, while you brought foods on grocery while you enjoy the sunshine in the beach while you have a coffee with your friend you would find our bags. 

And that is my job!